With over 25+ years experience painting residential homes on the Gold Coast – you can rest assure knowing that your property will be looked after by the best. We offer a wide range of services for small and large residential properties. All of our painters use the highest quality paint to ensure your property will last in the harsh Gold Coast weather. 

PaintWise – You Can’t Beat Experience.

REsidential Services

We offer a wide range of residential property painting services, including:

  • House Repainting
  • Roof Painting & Restoration
  • Faux finishes & texture coatings
  • Timber stripping & restoration
  • Home Renovation
  • Exterior House Painting
  • Wallpapering & wallpaper feature walls
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Timber Decking

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Our residential painting services

Interior House Painting

Gold Coast Residential Interior House Painting

Exterior House Painting

Gold Coast Residential Exterior House Painting

Timber stripping & restoration

Gold Coast Residential Timber stripping & restoration

Faux finishes & texture coatings

Gold Coast Residential House Faux finishes & texture coatings

High pressure water cleaning

Gold Coast Residential House High pressure water cleaning

Wallpapering & wallpaper feature walls

Gold Coast Residential House Wallpapering & wallpaper feature walls

Roof Painting & Restoration

Gold Coast Residential House Roof Painting & Restoration